Pick the Right Dress Based On Your Body Type

Ever wondered why the dress that looked so perfect on display at your favorite apparel store looks a misfit on your body? The reason could be many, but a primary reason behind this is our lack of understanding of our body type. Women figures can be of various shapes like hourglass, pear or apple-shaped, rectangular-shaped, etc. It is essential to know your body type and pick a dress that suits that body type.

In this article, we will discuss the common body types and the type of dresses that go well with those body types.

Hourglass body shape
You have got the most beautiful curves, so don’t shy away from highlighting them. You need to choose clothes that draw attention to your waist part. You also need to avoid baggy clothes, because you need to highlight your narrow waist. Go for v-neck tops.

An Apple-shaped body
For this type, you have to wear clothes which draw attention away from the midsection of the body. Wrap dress, A-Line dresses, V-neck empire style clothes are the best for this shape. You need to choose clothes that cover your belly and extend just below your hip area. You can buy these kinds of tops with Max Fashion Coupon Code, and you will get a better discount on the clothes. Here, you also have to remember to avoid double-breasted jackets or bulky tops. You can always try layered ones or the tunic tops.

A pear-shaped body

When you have a pear-shaped body, you can go for highlighting your shoulders, so that you can balance the shape of your figure. For this, you can try out scarves, pashminas, with a colorful necklace. You have the advantage where you can choose patterned and embellished tops. Cap or full sleeves are the best choices. Get these type of clothing with, Max Fashion Voucher Code. Dark and solid color bottoms go very well with pear-shaped body type.

Rectangular body shape
If you are not born with natural curves, not to worry. You can always use accessories and clothes to create the curves. To accentuate your body shape, you can try wearing a belt at the narrower part of your waist. Purchase tops that end at the midsection of your hip. Go for enhancing your shoulder with pleated or ruffled tops. You also have to select the accessories that can add volume to the upper section of your body. Your shape can be best defined if you wear peplum jackets, tops, and dresses.

Your body is different than others, just like your personality. Choose better clothing based on your body shape and always live in style.

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